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Caobo Tea: A taste experience from Vietnam

CaoBo's organic tea plantations in the Xã Cao Bồ region, Huyện Vị Xuyên, in Hà Giang Province, are an outstanding example of the harmony of traditional tea cultivation and modern organic principles. The location along the majestic Tây Côn Lĩnh Mountains and the altitude of over 1300 meters provide ideal conditions for the cultivation of the highest quality tea.

Uniqueness of the location

  • The ancient Shan tea trees in this region are a living heritage. They have thrived at this altitude for thousands of years, producing exceptional buds known for their unique quality and rich aroma.
  • The natural conditions of the region, including the special microclimate and fertile soil, contribute significantly to the uniqueness of CaoBo tea.

Organic farming and certifications

  • The tea is cultivated on over 900 hectares according to strict organic principles. This means avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides and promoting natural ecosystems.
  • CaoBo has received world-leading certifications proving that their teas meet the most demanding quality standards in Japan, Europe and the USA. These certifications guarantee that the teas not only taste great, but are also produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

Variety of tea types

  • CaoBo offers a range of teas including black tea, green tea and Phổ Nhĩ tea. Each variety has its own distinctive aroma and flavor profile, reflecting Vietnam's rich tea diversity.
  • CaoBo black tea is known for its deep, robust flavor, while green tea is valued for its freshness and lightness. Phổ Nhĩ tea, a local specialty, is known for its unique and delicate aroma.

Invitation to timeless enjoyment

  • Enjoying CaoBo organic teas is an invitation to immerse yourself in the world of timeless enjoyment. It is an opportunity to experience the millennia-old traditions of Vietnamese tea cultivation while contributing to environmental protection.

The CaoBo organic tea plantations not only stand for excellent tea quality, but also for sustainable and responsible production methods. They offer tea lovers worldwide the opportunity to be part of a rich culture and conscious consumption.

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