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Dac San: Discover Vietnam's regional tea specialties

Vietnam, a country with a deep-rooted tea culture, is home to a variety of regional tea specialties known as “Dac San”. Each of these unique types of tea tells its own story and reflects the rich culture and tradition of its region of origin.

Thai Nguyen green tea: The green gold of the north

  • Thai Nguyen, often referred to as the "Tea Kingdom" of Vietnam, is famous for its green tea. This tea, characterized by its delicate, sweet aroma and floral profile, is an integral part of the local culture and economy.
  • The history of Thai Nguyen tea goes back centuries and is a symbol of hospitality and community in the region.

Shan Tuyet: The Heritage of Ancient Trees

  • Originating from the mountains of Yen Bai and other northern Vietnamese regions, Shan Tuyet is harvested from ancient, wild tea trees. These trees, often hundreds of years old, produce tea with a rich, slightly earthy flavor and natural sweetness.
  • Shan Tuyet is more than just a tea – it is a part of local identity and is enjoyed in traditional ceremonies and social occasions.

Lotus tea from Hanoi: A scent of elegance

  • Lotus tea made in Hanoi is a masterpiece of tea making. Green tea is carefully infused with the aromas of fresh lotus flowers, resulting in a distinctive floral and refreshing taste.
  • This tea is closely linked to Vietnamese poetry and art and is often served at special celebrations and tea ceremonies.

Pho Nhi Tea from the Hoang Lien Mountains: A Taste of the Mountains

  • The Hoang Lien Mountains, a cool and misty region, are known for their Pho Nhi tea. This tea, known for its unique aroma, is the result of the region's special microclimate and rich soils.
  • Pho Nhi tea is traditionally prepared in a slow, mindful process and is a popular companion during moments of peace and relaxation.

Tra My Cinnamon Tea from Quang Nam: A Spicy Revelation

  • The rare Tra My cinnamon tea from Quang Nam is unique in its combination of green tea with cinnamon. This blend reflects the historical importance of spices in the region and offers a warm, spicy taste experience.
  • This tea is particularly appreciated in the cooler months and is a warming companion in social gatherings.

The "Dac San" teas of Vietnam are not only drinks, but also ambassadors of their regions, reflecting local history, culture and traditions. Each cup offers an immersion into the world of Vietnamese tea diversity and invites you to explore the rich stories and traditions that each tea brings with it.

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