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Insights into the world of a tea taster: The art of Vietnamese organic tea tasting

The world of tea is as diverse and fascinating as the cultures that have valued it for centuries. Particularly in Vietnam, a country with a rich tea tradition, the art of tea tasting is seen as a path to self-discovery and harmony. At Viet-Tee we take you on a journey into the world of tea tasting, especially with a focus on our high-quality organic teas from Vietnam.

Tasting tea is a sensory experience. It starts with looking at the dry tea leaf, its shape and color. Our organic teas from CaoBo, such as green, yellow, black and red tea, as well as the special green Dac San and Tom Non, are presented in different shades and structures, which already provide an indication of their character and quality.

Water is the medium that brings tea to life. The temperature and quality of the water play a crucial role. When preparing our teas, we recommend using filtered or spring water to preserve the purity and authenticity of the aroma.

The infusion reveals the heart of the tea. Here the color of the infusion, its aroma and taste are assessed. Vietnamese organic teas are characterized by their diversity and complexity. Green tea, for example, offers a range from fresh, grassy to sweet and floral notes, while black tea impresses with its depth and rich maltiness.

A professional tea taster judges tea based on appearance, aroma, taste and aftertaste. The quality of the tea is also measured by how well it develops over several infusions. Our organic teas from Vietnam show their true strength here: They retain their delicate aromas and flavor profiles over several infusions, which is a sign of high quality and craftsmanship.

At Viet-Tee, we not only offer exquisite organic tea, but also the right accessories to perfect your tea experience. From empty organic tea bags to stainless steel tea infusers to tea strainers for the pot - with us you will find everything you need for the perfect cup of tea.

In addition to our teas and tea accessories, we also stock organic scented candles and organic soaps, handmade in Berlin and inspired by the scents of Vietnam such as lotus, litsea, lemongrass and jasmine. These products complement the tea experience and create an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being.

Tasting organic tea from Vietnam is more than just drinking a beverage; it is a journey through a world full of flavors, traditions and craftsmanship. We invite you to follow this path with Viet tea and discover the depth and beauty of Vietnamese organic tea for yourself.

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