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Flight Tea: The first picking of the year

Flying tea, also known as "First Flush Tea", is a special and highly valued variety in the world of tea, especially in Vietnamese tea culture. This type of tea is made from the first tender buds and leaves of the tea plant, which are harvested in spring, often in late March or early April. The history and significance of flying tea in Vietnamese tea culture is closely linked to traditional cultivation methods and the deep appreciation for the quality and freshness of tea.

History and production

  • Spring harvest: The story of flying tea begins with the arrival of spring. After winter dormancy, tea plants begin to sprout, and the first buds and leaves they produce are particularly tender and full of flavor. This first harvest is often considered the purest and finest because the young leaves have benefited from the cool winter period.
  • Fast processing: Immediately after harvest, the leaves are quickly processed to preserve their freshness and delicate aroma. The process usually involves withering, rolling, oxidizing (depending on the type of tea), and drying.

Importance in Vietnamese tea culture

  • Renewal symbol: In Vietnam, flying tea symbolizes the renewal and resurgence of nature. It is often associated with the celebration of Tet (Vietnamese New Year), which marks the beginning of spring.
  • High appreciation: Flight tea is highly prized for its distinct flavor profile, which is often fresher and more vibrant than later harvests. Connoisseurs value it for its lightness, its subtle aromas and its often lower bitterness.
  • Tradition and craftsmanship: The production of flying tea is a testament to Vietnamese tea craftsmanship. Tea producers use their deep understanding and experience to process the tea in the best possible way and highlight its unique properties.

Enjoyment and tasting

  • exclusivity: Due to its limited availability and short harvest period, flying tea is often considered a premium product and can be sold at higher prices. Tea lovers particularly appreciate this time of year and see the enjoyment of flight tea as a special experience.
  • Fine tasting: Flight tea is often enjoyed in a quiet, relaxed environment to fully appreciate its delicate aroma and taste. This reflects the deep appreciation and mindfulness that Vietnamese tea culture promotes for tea enjoyment.

In summary, flight tea is a symbol of the delicacy and richness of Vietnamese tea culture. It represents not only the beginning of the tea season, but also the artistry and passion that goes into growing and processing tea in Vietnam.

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