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Lotus tea Vietnam: A touch of exotic

This tea is not only known for its unique taste, but also deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture and tradition.

Importance in Vietnamese culture

  • Lotus tea, or "Trà sen", is considered in Vietnam to be a symbol of purity, calm and spiritual enlightenment, properties traditionally attributed to the lotus in Vietnamese culture.
  • Often served on special occasions and in religious or cultural ceremonies, the tea is a sign of hospitality and high status.

Manufacturing process

  • The production of lotus tea is a complex and careful process. It begins by selecting the best green tea leaves and then infusing them several times with fresh lotus flowers.
  • The tea leaves are placed in the lotus flowers, which are left closed overnight. During this time the tea absorbs the aroma of the lotus flowers. This process is often repeated several nights in a row to achieve a strong and rich aroma.

taste profiles

  • Lotus tea is known for its delicate, floral aroma that is both refreshing and calming. The flavor notes are subtle and complex, with a slight hint of sweetness and a long-lasting, pleasant floral aftertaste.
  • This tea is ideal for those looking for a gentle but distinctive taste experience.

Role in traditional ceremonies

  • In Vietnam, lotus tea is often used in traditional tea ceremonies. These ceremonies are not only an art form but also a means of promoting mindfulness and inner peace.
  • Tea is often used as a symbol of the harmonious connection between humans and nature and plays a central role in creating an atmosphere of peace and contemplation.

Lotus tea from Vietnam is more than just a drink; it is a cultural heritage that captures the beauty and depth of Vietnamese tradition. It offers a unique taste experience and is at the same time a symbol of the elegance and sophistication of Vietnamese tea culture.

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