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Tea storage: tips for freshness and aroma

Storing tea correctly is crucial to preserving its freshness, aroma and health properties. This is especially true for high-quality Vietnamese organic tea, where quality and purity are paramount. Here are some practical tips for optimal tea storage:

  1. Repel light and air: Tea should be protected from light and air as these can affect its flavors and colors. Use opaque and airtight containers for storage.

  2. Choose the right containers: Containers made of materials such as glass, ceramic or metal that do not give off an odor are ideal. Avoid plastic containers as they can absorb and release odors that affect the taste of the tea.

  3. Store in a cool and dry place: Store tea in a cool and dry place. Avoid proximity to heat sources such as ovens as heat can affect the quality of the tea.

  4. Keep away from strong smelling substances: Store tea away from strong-smelling foods or spices as tea can easily absorb odors.

  5. Avoid direct sunlight: Sunlight can bleach the tea leaves and affect the quality. Therefore, do not store tea in direct sunlight.

  6. Avoid moisture: Moisture can lead to mold formation and deterioration of the tea. Make sure that the storage location is not damp and that the container is tightly closed.

  7. Divide large quantities: When purchasing large quantities of tea, consider storing a small portion in a smaller container for daily use and storing the remainder in a larger, well-sealed container.

  8. Correct labeling: Label containers with the name and date of purchase of the tea to monitor freshness.

  9. Be careful with green tea: Green tea is particularly sensitive to environmental influences. It should be stored particularly carefully, ideally in a cool cupboard or even in the refrigerator in a well-sealed container.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your high-quality organic Vietnamese tea retains its best properties – be it the aroma, taste or health benefits. Proper storage ensures that every sip of tea remains a fresh and pleasant experience.

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