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Vietnamese Tea Snacks: Perfect Pairings

Vietnamese tea snacks offer a wonderful way to enrich the tea experience. The combination of different types of tea with suitable snacks can increase taste and enjoyment. Here are some traditional Vietnamese snacks that go perfectly with different types of tea, including recipe ideas and instructions:

  1. Banh Bao (Steamed Stuffed Buns)

    • pairing: Perfect with milder green tea or light oolong tea.
    • Recipe: Banh Bao consists of a soft, steamed dough shell filled with a mixture of minced meat, mushrooms, boiled egg and sausage. The dough is made from flour, sugar, baking powder and milk and the filling is traditionally seasoned.
  2. Che (Sweet Soup or Pudding)

    • pairing: Goes well with jasmine or lotus tea.
    • Recipe: Che can be made with a variety of ingredients such as mung beans, tapioca, coconut milk and fruits. There are many variations, including Che Bap (corn pudding) or Che Troi Nuoc (glutinous rice balls in ginger syrup).
  3. Banh Mi (Vietnamesisches Baguette)

    • pairing: Ideal with strong black tea or flavored tea.
    • Recipe: A crispy baguette filled with a selection of ingredients such as pickled vegetables, cilantro, ham, liver sausage and hot sauce. The combination of hearty and spicy complements the strong tea.
  4. Banh Cuon (Steamed Rice Rolls)

    • pairing: Excellent with light green tea or floral tea.
    • Recipe: Thin, steamed rice cakes filled with a mixture of minced pork and mushrooms. Served with Nuoc Cham, a Vietnamese fish sauce.
  5. Spring rolls (Cha Gio)

    • pairing: Goes well with oolong tea or black tea.
    • Recipe: Crispy spring rolls filled with a mixture of minced meat, shrimp, glass noodles and vegetables. They are deep fried and often served with a sweet and sour sauce.
  6. Mungbohnenkuchen (Banh Dau Xanh)

    • pairing: Ideal with green tea or jasmine tea.
    • Recipe: These soft, sweet cakes are made with mung beans, sugar, coconut oil and sometimes pandan for added flavor.
  7. Dried fruits and nuts

    • pairing: Perfect with almost any type of tea.
    • Recipe: A selection of dried fruits such as dates, figs or apricots and roasted nuts are an easy and popular accompaniment to tea.

These snacks not only complement the taste of the tea but also provide an authentic Vietnamese dining experience. They range from sweet to savory and offer the right accompaniment for every tea and taste.

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