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Vietnamese Iced Tea: A refreshing recipe to make yourself

Vietnamese iced tea is a delicious and refreshing way to enjoy tea, especially on hot days. Typically, this iced tea is made with green tea or jasmine tea and is often enriched with flavors such as lime, mint and sometimes fruits such as mango or passion fruit.


  • 4 spoons of loose green tea or jasmine tea
  • 1 liter of boiling water
  • Ice cubes
  • Fresh mint
  • Lime slices
  • Optional: sweetener of your choice (e.g. sugar, honey, agave syrup)
  • Optional: pieces of fruit (e.g. mango or passion fruit)


  1. Prepare tea: Pour 1 liter of boiling water over the tea bags and let them steep for 3-5 minutes, depending on your taste. For a more intense flavor, you can extend the steeping time.

  2. Cooling: Remove the tea bags and allow the tea to cool. To cool down more quickly, you can pour the tea into a larger bowl and chill in the refrigerator.

  3. Serve with ice: Fill a large glass with ice cubes and pour the cooled tea over it.

  4. Flavor: Add fresh mint leaves and lime slices. If you want, you can also add fruit pieces or sweeteners.

  5. Enjoy: Stir the iced tea to combine the flavors and enjoy the refreshing coolness.

This basic recipe can be easily customized by experimenting with different teas, fruits, or flavors to create your own perfect Vietnamese iced tea.

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