Vietnamese lotus tea: how this rare tea is made and why it is so expensive

Vietnamesischer Lotus-Tee: Wie dieser seltene Tee hergestellt wird und warum er so teuer ist -

Lotus tea is a rarity that is only produced in a few countries in the world. One such country is Vietnam, where lotus tea has been an important part of culture and trade for centuries. The tea is made from the blossoms of the lotus flower and has a unique aroma and flavor that makes it one of the most expensive teas in the world.

Making lotus tea is a time-consuming and laborious work. First, the lotus flowers are hand-picked before they are fully open. The flowers are then carefully cored and the seeds removed. After that, the flowers are washed in fresh water to remove any dirt residue or impurities.

The next step is to place the lotus flowers in a container of green tea and let them sit for several hours. During this time, the aromas of the lotus flowers penetrate the tea, giving the tea its unique aroma and taste.

Another factor that contributes to the rarity and high price of lotus tea is the limited availability of lotus flowers. Lotus flowers are only available during certain months of the year, which means that lotus tea making can only be done at certain times. In addition, the manual work required to make lotus tea is very time-consuming and requires skill and experience.

Despite its high price and limited availability, lotus tea is considered by many to be a luxury drink, valued for its unique aroma and taste. It is also valued for its health-promoting properties, being rich in antioxidants and other nutrients.

In Vietnam, lotus tea is often served on special occasions such as weddings or holidays to show hospitality and appreciation. It is a drink valued for its rarity and high status in Vietnamese culture.

Although lotus tea is not affordable for everyone, it remains a coveted beverage for tea lovers around the world who are willing to pay for a beverage of exceptional quality and rarity.

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