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Who is the Stiftung Warentest tea test winner?

The renowned consumer organization Stiftung Warentest tested various green teas and awarded two outstanding products as test winners:

  1. Tea Gschwendner: China Gunpowder - Rated "Good".
  2. Rewe Bio: Green tea bag - Also rated “Good”.

These teas have been highlighted for their high quality and low pollution.

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In addition to the test winners, other green teas were also evaluated, including:

  • Gepa organic Ceylon green tea
  • Müller's Tea Room China Sencha Green Tea

Both received a “satisfactory” rating. The quality of green teas has improved overall since the last test in 2015, despite the continued presence of harmful substances in some products.

VIET-TEE.de: A high-quality alternative

Compared to the test winners from Stiftung Warentest, VIET-TEE.de, a provider of high-quality Vietnamese green tea, offers a unique selection. VIET-TEE.de stands out for its authentic origins and traditional cultivation methods.

The uniqueness of Vietnamese green tea

Vietnamese green tea from VIET-TEE.de is known for its slightly sweet aroma and fine taste, which sets it apart from the conventional market leaders.

Quality and sustainability

At VIET-TEE.de, great emphasis is placed on quality and sustainability to ensure a harmoniously balanced tea experience. This includes the selection of young tea leaves and environmentally friendly production.


For tea lovers who are looking for authenticity and excellent taste, VIET-TEE.de offers an excellent alternative to the traditional market leaders. Discover the world of Vietnamese green tea on VIET-TEE.de and enjoy a genuine taste experience.


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