The home of our teas

Tea, deeply rooted in Asia's history, finds one of its most magnificent expressions in Vietnam. The country has been a tea-growing stronghold for centuries and is home to some of the world's most prized tea varieties.

Tea gardens thrive in Vietnam's breathtaking landscapes, nestled between majestic mountains and gentle rivers. Here the tea is still traditionally picked and processed by hand, a testament to the deep cultural heritage and attention to detail. These traditions are not only a part of Vietnamese history, but also a living element of contemporary life.

The Camellia sinensis plant, the source of most Vietnamese teas, grows on the mountain slopes and benefits from a rich, natural ecosystem. The tea farmers, skilled in centuries-old methods, guarantee tea of ​​the highest quality, with a variety of flavors ranging from gently floral to intensely spicy. Particularly noteworthy are Vietnamese green tea, oolong and black tea.

Vietnamese tea culture is more than just drinking pleasure; it is a social ritual that is embedded in everyday life. Tea is a companion at any time of day, in the four walls of home or in charming teahouses, where drinking tea offers an opportunity for community and exchange.

Vietnam offers a world of tea, rich in traditions, flavors and cultures. Discover the uniqueness and authenticity of Vietnamese tea - an experience only possible in Vietnam's picturesque tea gardens.