Women are indispensable in the world of tea. In Vietnam, they are particularly active in tea picking and often take on important roles in tea production. At Viet-Tee, we value their work and contribution to the tea industry and are committed to ensuring they are treated fairly and treated equally.

In many tea gardens in Vietnam, women work as pickers. They are able to work quickly and precisely and make an important contribution to the quality of the tea. Despite this, they are often disadvantaged and paid less than men, even though they do the same amount of work. Viet-Tee is committed to ensuring that women are treated fairly in the tea industry and have the same opportunities as men.

Women also play an important role in the processing and packaging of the tea. There are many family businesses in Vietnam, where women often have the responsibility for tea production. Viet-Tee supports these companies and works to ensure that women in the tea industry receive appropriate recognition and payment.

Additionally, it is important to us that women in the tea industry have access to education and training to improve their skills and expand their career opportunities. We are convinced that promoting equal rights for women in the tea industry is not only ethical, but also contributes to better tea quality and a more sustainable tea industry.

At Viet-Tee we believe that treating women fairly and equally in the tea industry is an important step towards creating a fairer and more sustainable world. We are committed to ensuring that women in the tea industry receive the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

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