Where our tea is at home

Join us on a fascinating journey to the heart of Vietnam, the place of origin of our exquisite teas! Vietnam, with a rich tea tradition dating back to the 11th century, views tea not just as a drink but as a deep-rooted symbol of hospitality and well-being.

This country offers a breathtaking variety of landscapes for tea cultivation, from the majestic mountains in the north to the fertile plateaus of the central highlands to the rolling hills in the south. Vietnam's most notable tea gardens are found in the provinces of Thai Nguyen, Ha Giang, Son La, Lam Dong and Dak Lak - each with its own unique tea culture and history.

The diversity and excellence of Vietnamese tea is recognized worldwide. Here, tea farmers rely on traditional cultivation methods and careful hand picking to ensure the rich taste and highest quality of their products. A special feature in Vietnam is the production in small batches, which gives every sip of tea a personal touch and incomparable freshness.

Green tea is one of the jewels of Vietnamese tea, valued for its delicate and invigorating note. Oolong tea, known for its semi-fermented character, delights with a full-bodied and complex aroma.

Tea making in Vietnam is a craft that preserves ancient traditions and methods to preserve the full aroma and original flavors of tea. The leaves are usually picked by hand and dried traditionally to preserve their natural essence and freshness.

At [Your Company Name], we are proud to source our tea directly from the authentic tea gardens of Vietnam. We work hand in hand with expert tea farmers to bring you teas of unsurpassed quality that capture the true spirit and deep tradition of Vietnamese tea.

Be enchanted by the untouched beauty of Vietnamese tea landscapes and discover the unparalleled taste and rich culture of Vietnamese tea through our carefully selected varieties. Immerse yourself in the world of Vietnamese tea - an experience full of elegance, tradition and lasting beauty.