In Berlin there are a variety of cafés and tea rooms that offer teas from all over the world. But one in particular stands out: Viet tea. The name alone suggests that it is tea from Vietnam. But Viet tea is more than that – it is a connection between Berlin and Vietnam.

Behind Viet-Tee is Quang Hưng Bùi , a Vietnamese businessman who has lived in Berlin for many years. As a tea lover and businessman, he decided to bring the unique tea varieties from his homeland to Germany. This is how the idea for the online shop Viet-Tee came about.

Vietnam is a major producer of tea and offers a wide range of tea varieties. At Viet-Tee you will find a hand-picked selection of high-quality teas that are imported directly from Vietnam. From green tea to oolong to black teas, there is something for every taste. Our tea plantations are located in the best growing regions of Vietnam and we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our tea is produced sustainably and ethically. We are proud to bring our customers not only delicious tea, but also a piece of Vietnam through our teas.

Tea is an important part of culture and tradition in Vietnam. Tea production has a long history and is still carried out in the traditional way today. Tea cultivation takes place primarily in the mountains, where the tea bushes grow naturally. The tea leaves are harvested by hand and carefully processed.

In Vietnam, tea is often served at social gatherings and celebrations. The tea ceremony has a special meaning and is often carried out with respect and appreciation. The tea is prepared and served in a special way.

Tea not only has a unique taste, but also a positive effect on health. The ingredients in tea can, among other things, stimulate metabolism, lower blood pressure and strengthen the immune system. Tea is not only a luxury food, but also a health booster.

Sustainability is an important topic at Viet tea. The teas are grown and processed organically. The online shop also relies on environmentally friendly packaging materials and resource-saving logistics.

Viet-Tee is more than just an online shop for tea from Vietnam. It is a connection between Berlin and Vietnam that was created through a passion for tea. At Viet-Tee you will find high-quality teas that not only have a unique taste, but also have a long tradition and history. If you are interested in tea and culture, you should definitely try Viet tea.

Please also visit our website and find out more about our company and our passion for tea.

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