Artichoke tea from Hung Phat

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Artichoke tea from Hung Phat

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Discover Hùng Phát's exquisite artichoke tea, hand-picked from the lush fields of Vietnam's famous Da Lat Highlands. A tribute to pure nature, this detox tea is made from carefully selected artichoke leaves, known for their beneficial properties to support a healthy weight and reduce bloating.

Flavor profile:

  • Taste: Gentle and earthy with an unmistakable artichoke note and a slight bitterness that rounds out to a pleasant aftertaste. This tea provides natural energy without relying on stimulants like caffeine.
  • Color: A clear, calming gold that reflects purity and naturalness.
  • Leaf Structure: Whole, high-quality leaves that release a full aroma for an effective weight loss tea.

Health Benefits: Artichoke tea is known for its supporting effects on digestion and liver function, helps reduce bloating and is also caffeine-free, making it enjoyable at any time of day.

Preparation recommendation:

  • Water: Use fresh, filtered water at 90-95°C.
  • Quantity: One tea bag per cup.
  • Brewing time: 3-5 minutes, depending on the desired intensity.
  • Enjoyment: Enjoy straight or refine with honey or lemon to taste to maximize the benefits of a detox and tea weight loss.

Hùng Phát has stood for unchanged quality for over 36 years and honors the tradition of tea making. With awards such as the "Top 100 Thương Hiệu Hàng Đầu Việt Nam 2021" and the "Hàng Việt Nam Chất Lượng Cao", Hùng Phát assures that every sip of this artichoke tea tells a story of passion, dedication and support of a healthy lifestyle.

Perfect companion: Ideal with light meals or as a digestive aid after eating to reduce bloating.

More tips:

  • Store the tea in a cool, dry place to preserve freshness.
  • Enjoy this tea as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Visit Hùng Phát and let yourself be enchanted by the world of high-quality, natural teas that not only increase your well-being, but also support a healthy weight and provide natural energy.

Customer Reviews

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Emanuele Sgherri (Kongens Lyngby, Capital Region, Denmark)

Ich trinke diesen Tee immer kalt. Das ist ein hervorragender Durstloescher.