“Sundew” organic yellow tea with peony from CaoBo

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“Sundew” organic yellow tea with peony from CaoBo

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Discover the magic of our organic yellow tea, deeply rooted in the impressive Vietnamese mountain landscapes. Harvested from tea trees that have watched the changing times and thrive beyond the snow line for over a millennium. The beguiling aroma of the peony is paired with a delicate sweetness that brings to mind the first sunshine of a spring day. Each sip is not only a break from everyday life, but also brings beneficial health benefits such as supporting the immune system and promoting relaxation.


  • tea plant: Camellia sinensis
  • Origin: From the heights of Vietnam, where thousand-year-old tea trees stand close to the clouds.
  • The taste: A delicate balance between peony scent and gentle sweetness.
  • Color: Bright yellow inspired by the warm sun of the Vietnamese highlands.
  • Blatt: Artfully designed leaves that bloom in the warmth of the water.
  • manufacturing: After a classic roasting process, the leaves are carefully wrapped in paper or fabric and allowed to mature, which brings out the characteristic aroma.


  • Water: Fresh and without lime (80-85°C).
  • Crowd: 1-2 teaspoons for full flavor.
  • preheat: Prepare your tea set with hot water.
  • dosage: Fill a tea strainer or pot with tea.
  • Pour on: Slowly pour over the prepared water.
  • To let go: 2-4 minutes or according to your taste.
  • enjoyment: Take a break, serve and enjoy.


  • Thanks to its premium quality, multiple infusions are possible.
  • For lasting flavors, store cool and away from strong odors.
  • Adjust the steeping time to find the ideal taste.
  • Food recommendation: The delicate taste of this tea goes particularly well with traditional Vietnamese spring rolls or a light almond pastry.

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        Paul Mihai (Leipzig, Saxony, Germany)
        Sehr feine Geschmacksnoten

        Der Tee ist toll! Sehr samtig mit feinen noten, sher blumig aromatisch. Ich trinke ihn sehr gerne.