Organic black tea from CaoBo (100g)

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Organic black tea from CaoBo (100g)

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Embark on a fascinating journey through the diverse world of flavors of organic black tea from Cao-Bo. This special tea is characterized by the fertile soils and tropical climate of Vietnam, which produce tradition and quality in perfect harmony. Generations of tea farmers have crafted this tea with craftsmanship and dedication, while the snow-covered tea plants in the mountainous regions provide their inspiration. The result is a taste experience that reflects the soul of Vietnam.


  • tea plant: Camellia sinensis var. sinensis
  • Origin: Sourced from the traditional tea-growing regions of Vietnam, where snow-covered plants reign in the high mountainous areas.
  • The taste: A round and full bouquet reminiscent of ripe fruit, complemented by a subtle woody note.
  • Color: An expressive amber that reflects the warm rays of the highland sun.
  • Blatt: Tightly rolled leaves that open to a deep brown with reddish tones.
  • manufacturing: After harvesting, the leaves ripen in two days. The subsequent rolling process, followed by 24 hours of oxidation and final drying, gives the tea its distinctive aroma.

Health benefits:

  • Organic black tea is rich in antioxidants and may support heart health.
  • It can stimulate digestion and increase energy.
  • This tea is often associated with a feeling of well-being and relaxation.


  • Water: Fresh, low-lime water (90-95°C).
  • Crowd: 1-2 teaspoons for a complete flavor explosion.
  • preheat: Prepare the tea set with hot water.
  • dosage: Pour the desired amount of tea into a tea strainer or directly into the pot.
  • Pour on: Pour in boiling water.
  • Brewing time: 3-5 minutes or as desired. Experiment to find the perfect intensity.
  • enjoyment: Serve the tea and let yourself be amazed by its depth and elegance.

Food recommendation:

  • Cao-Bo's organic black tea goes well with savory dishes such as roasted meat, cheese or dark chocolate. The flavor nuances complement each other deliciously.


  • Thanks to its excellence, the tea can be infused up to 3 times, with each infusion revealing different levels of flavor.
  • To maintain quality, store it in a cool, dry place away from strong odors.
  • Start with a shorter steeping time and adjust it to your taste to fully enjoy the diversity of Cao-Bo's organic black tea.


Customer Reviews

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Nicole Nitzsche (Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany)
Schwarzer Bio-Tee “Millennia Shaan” von CaoBo

Ein wohlschmeckender Schwarztee, den ich immer wieder kaufe. Hervorragende Qualität und absolut lecker und fein im Geschmack. Auch der Kundenservice war eine sehr positive Erfahrung. 100% Empfehlung!