Butterfly Pea Tea “Butterfly blossom tea” The original from Vietnam

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Butterfly Pea Tea “Butterfly blossom tea” The original from Vietnam

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Immerse yourself in the world of Blue Butterfly Pea Tea, a detox specialty that stands out not only for its bright blue color, but also for its remarkable health benefits, such as supporting a healthy weight, helping to reduce bloating and promoting natural Energy.

This exclusive selection of 100% dried butterfly pea flowers comes from the best growing regions and promises a special kind of tea experience. By adding lemon, you experience a fascinating transformation: the blue tea turns a magnificent purple through the reaction with the acid, which is a visual highlight and a taste experience in equal measure.


  • 100% dried butterfly pea flowers, carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality, purity and effectiveness in tea.


  • Eye Health: Promotes vision and supports overall eye health.
  • Natural coloring: Gives foods and drinks an impressive natural color without having to resort to artificial additives.
  • Rejuvenation & Wellbeing: Supports rejuvenation of the body, strengthens overall well-being, helps reduce bloating and promotes a healthy weight.

Ideal for brewing a unique tea that not only tastes great but is also a visual highlight. For a perfect taste experience, we recommend adding honey and lemon to the tea. The lemon not only intensifies the taste but also leads to the impressive color change, while the honey adds a pleasant sweetness and together they support the natural energy.


  • For maximum freshness and to preserve the valuable ingredients, the tea should be stored in a cool, dry place.

With this blue butterfly pea tea you offer a product that combines tradition and modern demands in perfect harmony. Expand your tea range with this specialty and enable your customers to discover and enjoy the diverse facets of this extraordinary tea.

1 pack = 25g

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