Ginger tea from Hung Phat

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Ginger tea from Hung Phat

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Experience the warming power and piquant taste of Hùng Phát's ginger tea, masterfully composed from the finest ginger, obtained from the fertile soils of Vietnam. Every cup of this tea is a testament to Hùng Phát's decades of experience and passion for excellent natural products.

Flavor profile:

  • Taste: Powerful and spicy with a characteristic spiciness that invigorates and warms the palate at the same time.
  • Color: A bright, stimulating yellow that captures the vibrant energy of ginger.
  • Texture: Fine pieces of dried ginger allow for an intense infusion.

Health Benefits: Ginger tea is known for its diverse healing properties, including promoting digestion, relieving nausea, and strengthening the immune system.

Preparation recommendation:

  • Water: Use fresh, boiling water to optimally extract the active ingredients.
  • Quantity: One tea bag per cup.
  • Brewing time: 5-10 minutes, depending on the desired spiciness and intensity.
  • Enjoyment: Enjoy pure or refine to taste with a splash of lemon and honey.

With a legacy of over 36 years of producing high-quality teas, Hùng Phát guarantees a natural experience with its ginger tea without artificial additives. The recognition through numerous awards such as "Top 100 Thương Hiệu Hàng Đầu Việt Nam" and "Hàng Việt Nam Chất Lượng Cao" confirms the commitment to quality and closeness to nature.

Perfect companion: A slice of fresh lemon or a little honey to balance the natural spiciness of the ginger.

More tips:

  • Store the tea in a cool, dry place to preserve its aromatic properties.
  • Enjoy Hùng Phát's ginger tea as a soothing drink at any time of the day or as a natural support for your well-being.

Visit to learn more about the world of high-quality, natural ginger teas from Hùng Phát and be inspired by their power and purity.

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