Bird knotweed tea from Hung Phat

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Bird knotweed tea from Hung Phat

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Explore the depth of traditional medicinal herbs with Hùng Phát's knotweed tea, also known as polygonum tea. This unique tea, carefully extracted from the leaves of bird knotweed, a plant highly valued in Eastern medicine, is a true Hùng Phát masterpiece that both promotes health and enriches the senses.

Flavor profile:
• Taste: Strong and earthy, with a subtle natural sweetness and a slight tart note that is characteristic of bird's knotweed.
• Color: A deep, clear amber that reflects the rich soil from which the plant comes.
• Texture: Well-processed leaves that provide a robust and full-bodied infusion.

Health Benefits:
Traditionally, bird knotweed tea is said to support heart health, promote longevity and have a positive effect on blood circulation.

Preparation recommendation:
• Water: Use fresh, filtered water at a temperature of 90-95°C for the optimal development of the active ingredients.
• Quantity: One tea bag or one heaped teaspoon of loose tea per cup.
• Steeping time: 5-7 minutes to extract the full flavors and health benefits.
• Enjoyment: Enjoy pure to appreciate the earthy depth of the tea.

Hùng Phát's knotweed tea reflects the brand's commitment to creating pure and authentic teas with quality and tradition spanning 36 years. This commitment is confirmed by the numerous awards such as "Top 100 Thương Hiệu Hàng Đầu Việt Nam".

Perfect Companions: Goes well with traditional Vietnamese pastries or as a calming drink after a meal.

More tips:
• Storage: Store in a cool, dry place to preserve the freshness and potency of the tea.
• Lifestyle: Integrate Hùng Phát's knotweed tea into your daily wellness program to enjoy its holistic benefits.

visit and be inspired by the quality and purity of Hùng Phát's knotweed tea, which offers you an authentic insight into the world of Vietnamese medicinal herbs.

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