The art of cold brew: Refreshing enjoyment with Vietnamese organic tea

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In the hot summer months there is hardly anything more refreshing than an ice-cold tea. But did you know that you can also infuse your favorite organic tea from Vietnam cold? Cold brewing is the new way to enjoy tea and it offers many benefits. In this article, you will discover the art of cold brewing with organic Vietnamese green, black, yellow and red tea and the steps to prepare this refreshing beverage.

Cold Brewing: What is it?

Cold brewing is a gentle method of brewing tea by steeping tea leaves or tea bags in cold or cold room temperature water. Unlike traditional hot water preparation, Cold Brew gently extracts the flavors, resulting in a smoother and less bitter taste.

The benefits of cold brew tea:

  • Gentle Flavor: Slowly extracting the tea creates a more flavorful beverage with no bitterness or astringency.
  • Naturally Sweet: Cold brew tea develops a natural sweetness that often makes adding sugar or sweeteners unnecessary.
  • Less caffeine: The cold brew process reduces the release of caffeine, making the drink ideal for a refreshing evening drink.
Healthy ingredients: All the valuable ingredients and antioxidants in the tea are preserved because they are not destroyed by hot water.

Instructions for cold brewing:
  • Choose high-quality Vietnamese organic tea, such as green, black, yellow or red tea from
  • Fill a carafe or container with cold or cold room temperature water. We recommend around 500 ml of water for a small carafe and 1 liter for a larger carafe.
  • Add the desired amount of tea leaves to the water. About 10-15 grams of tea per liter of water is recommended.
  • Close the carafe or container and place in the refrigerator.
  • Let the tea steep in the fridge for at least 4-12 hours, depending on how strong you like the taste.
  • Take the tea out of the fridge and pour it through a strainer into a glass or mug.
  • Add ice cubes, fresh fruit or mint if needed and enjoy your refreshing cold brew tea!

Cold brewing is a delicious way to enjoy organic Vietnamese tea and fully discover its natural flavors and healthy properties. Whether you prefer green, black, yellow or red tea, the cold brew process is simple, refreshing and offers a multitude of benefits. Try it out and be enchanted by the gentle taste explosion!

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